Quality Principles report launched by ACE


Arts Council England will be working closely with arts and cultural organisations to integrate seven key quality principles helping raise the standard of work being produced by, with and for children and young people.

Seven quality principles have been developed as a result of close collaboration between the Arts Council England and arts and cultural organisations which work with children and young people.

The seven quality principles are:

•  Striving for excellence and innovation

•  Being authentic

•  Being exciting, inspiring and engaging

•  Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience

•  Actively involving children and young people

•  Enabling personal progression

•  Developing belonging and ownership

Arts Council England commissioned two organisations; the National Foundation for Educational Research, NFER and Shared Intelligence to do real world testing of the principles in 2014.

The testing was wide ranging. 51 lead organisations tested the principles, working with 800 partner organisations and involving almost 9500 children and young people.

Arts and cultural organisations found a variety of innovative, flexible and creative ways to test the quality principles. Some organisations devised ways to capture feedback from children and young people, and others encouraged children and young people to evaluate their experiences.

Research findings from the work can be found in the Using Quality Principles in work for, by and with children and young people report here.

The Arts Council will now work closely with the sector to integrate the quality principles into work by, with and for children and young people.

Alongside the Quality Principles work, Quality Metrics is a sector led metrics framework that will support National portfolio organisations to better understand the quality of their work through self, peer and public review.

Read the Developing participatory metrics report here


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