Events on Wednesday 31 May

Rana Begum: Space Light Colour

Friday 12 May – Sunday 15 October

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EARTH SKY: Richard Long at Houghton

Sunday 30 April – Thursday 26 October

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Hans-Peter Feldmann

Saturday 6 May – Saturday 22 July

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Daisy Black performing aerial stunts

Night Magic

Monday 22 & Tuesday 23 May

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A young girl with the silouette of a wolf's face on profile facing left against a dark background of a forest.

Wolf's Child 2017

Tue 11 July, 7.30pm (Preview)
Wed 12 - Sun 30 July (except Mondays), 7.30pm


A young man stands facing us and looking into the distance. He wears headphones and holds an iPad; Felbrigg Hall can just be seen behind him.

Walk With Me at Felbrigg Hall

Throughout the year (when Felbrigg Hall is open)

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