A Literary Festival in a Weekend - Day 1

Human / Nature - It's Our World, We Want it Back!

Saturday 16 May
From 3.30pm

Masha Gessen

Red in tooth and claw, nature doesn’t give in easily, and nor some do humans – meet writers who fight hard for their beliefs, battle against astounding odds and who equip others to stand their ground.

How to Speak Money
with John Lanchester


They say that knowledge is power. Yet few of us have knowledge of the most powerful language of all – money. Join John Lanchester, bestselling author of Capital and Whoops! as he sets out to decode our global language and, in so doing, challenges the power that this knowledge gives to the economic elite. Learn about not only high-frequency trading and the World Bank, but also the secrets of the jargon, and often nonsense, that we are faced.


The Honours
with Tim Clare


It’s 1935, and war is looming. Thirteen year old Delphine Venner is determined to uncover the secrets of the elite society that has taken in her mother and unstable father. Her quest brings her face to face with darkness and the discovery that in war, man and monster can become horrifyingly indistinguishable.

Join the ever-engaging Tim Clare as he launches his new work The Honours, a Young Adult/Adult crossover work. A signature Tim Clare event, expect not only a reading, discussion and questions but also an amusing presentation on 1930s “monsters”. Dive into a strange and at times disturbing world of darkness and humour.


The Tooth & Claw Debate: Raptors
Featuring Mark Cocker, Mark Avery, Jake Fiennes and Robin Page


A debate about humans, and our engagement with the natural environment.

Glimpsing a raptor on the wing brings a lump of excitement to the throat of many, but to some who manage shooting estates they are voracious predators, diminishing game reserves and destroying livelihoods. Despite legal protection, such birds are often shot and poisoned  - should we be protecting the magnificent apex predators of the avian world at all costs? Or is the conservation lobby oversimplifying the debate, focussing on emotive issues without sensitivity to the scientific complexities of land management?

Join Mark Cocker (author and naturalist), Mark Avery (writer & conservationist) Jake Fiennes (Estate Manager, Raveningham) and Robin Page (farmer, writer and Chairman of the Countryside Restoration Trust) for this Tooth & Claw Debate – a Question Time for nature lovers that will guarantee to stir up strong emotions on both sides.


Masha Gessen
The Harriet Martineau Lecture


Join celebrated journalist, author and activist Masha Gessen for the third annual Harriet Martineau Lecture exploring freedom of speech and investigative journalism.

Masha Gessen is world-renowned for her outspoken opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and was at one stage ‘probably the only publically out gay person in the whole of Russia’. Her latest book is Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot.

Following in the footsteps of Kate Mosse and Ali Smith in honouring Harriet Martineau - Norwich’s 19th Century radical thinker and the world’s first female journalist - hear Gessen speak, ask your questions and celebrate freedom of expression and investigative journalism through a feminist lens.


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