The Bo Nanafana Family Social

Saturday 19 May, 12 noon - 4pm

Some show related advice from our friends at Bo Nana Fana: "The family social is not a seated event (with chairs) or how would we dance?  So if you're averse to sitting on a wooden floor do bring along a little cushion to protect your derriere!  And for Phil Kay's show, please bring a little item from home that you can live without , something small and preferably not lethal"

It’s here! Music, dancing, comedy and shenanigans for the whole family. With ad-hoc musical comedy from Abandoman, and his crowd-inspired rapping and on-the-hop rhyming, Phil Kay’s brilliant ‘Gimme Your Lost Shoe’ show, kids versus adults beatboxing with Lee Gibling, disco and dance-off with Bo Nanafana DJs and our very bossy compère and herder Mr Matt Barnard! Adults and kids must be accompanied. Dress fancy! And don’t go hungry! The fabulous Happy Lunch Club will be selling packed lunches in the Spiegel Gardens.

Suitable for families with children aged 5–12 (younger siblings are welcome)

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