Rodrigo Pardo

Friday 13 & Saturday 14 May

An amazing aerial spectacle opens the Free Outdoor Programme of the Festival. 

An apartment like any other is suspended from the walls of The Forum; watch from below as one man climbs, falls and leaps around his home. With video animations and mapping technology constantly transforming the room he inhabits, reality is shifted in this breathtaking show. As you gaze up at the performer hanging horizontal in the air, you can’t help but question your perceptions of time, space and gravity.

Performance runs: c. 30 mins

Visit Rodrigo Pardo's website here

Free Outdoor Programme sponsor


Supported by The Forum

Flat has received a Creation aid by the IN SITU network, in the frame of the META project. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (DGEAC – Culture programme)

Free Outdoor Programme is supported by The Paul Bassham Charitable Trust and The Geoffrey Watling Charity