Friday 11 May, 9.30pm

Meet on GENTLEMAN’S WALK (outside Starbucks) NORWICH

Huge beasts stalking majestically through thestreets of Norwich. Prehistoric birds flying overhead. A mythical world coming alive.

This year’s Festival opens in awesome style with Invasion, a highly mobile – and highly exciting – street spectacle. Invasion creates an all-enveloping experience, as prehistoric animals move through the audience and animal voices sound from every direction. The beasts, coming from all sides, leave people confused: should they follow or flee? But chaos is avoided by a magical song that attracts the animals and restores calm, leaving the crowds to go with the flow of this unique and enthralling free event.

Free and unticketed – just turn up and enjoy!

The performance will finish at approximately 10.15pm

Saurus Control
(2.03 min)

Sponsored by

May Gurney
May Gurney