It’s all up in the Air

Friday 10 – Sunday 26 May
12.00pm – 6.00pm

Rhona Byrne makes sculptural objects and environments that are often focal points for events and social interaction.

It’s all up in the Air is a monumental black cloud assembled from modelling balloons. Immediately recognisable as a comedic emblem of misery and pessimism, this object has had several lives acting as both a site-specific outdoor sculpture and a travelling host to happenings, events and social encounters.

The work will be re-modeled to inhabit  The Undercroft in Norwich, where it will again entertain a variety of social events underneath the black clouds.

All are welcome, No booking is required.

Saturday 11th May 4 - 6pm
Speed Moaning

What is bothering the people of Norfolk? Based on the structure of speed dating, this is your opportunity to moan, complain, lament and most importantly laugh about a variety of personal and social topics.

Thursday 16th May 1 – 2 pm

Dr Jacob Huntley and Alex Valente
UEA Conversations series
Just how political can comics be? Can they (or have they) be used for propaganda purposes? We will discuss the ideological messages that the comics medium can convey. The texts we will look at range from the most explicit (e.g. Palestine, by Joe Sacco, or V for Vendetta, by Alan Moore and David Lloyd) to those that hide their political agendas a little deeper.

Friday 17th May 2 – 3 pm
The Very Hungry Reader: Reading children’s picture books as an adult

Dr B.J. Epstein, UEA.
UEA Conversations series
Picture books are just for kids, right? Actually, no, not at all. Picture books are wonderful for adults to explore, too, whether with children or on their own. Picture books are complex interactions of words and pictures but as people grow older and get more confident with their reading skills, they tend to focus on words and thereby forget how to read pictures. In this session, we’ll learn how read and enjoy picture books, and we’ll look at some of the best picture books currently on the market.

Friday 17th May 4 – 5 pm
Reading of Literary Translations

Staff and students from UEA’s literary translation programme
Come hear work that has never been available in English before now! Staff and students from UEA’s literary translation programme will read short extracts from their translations from German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, and Japanese to English.

Saturday 18th May – 12-6pm
The Ninja Knitters present The Big Knit

After yarn-bombing Norwich’s monuments and lampposts last year, the Ninja Knitters are back on an extreme scale! Try out knitting or crochet on extra large needles or crochet hooks, learn new skills or even just come along for knit and natter.
Please bring a ball of wool or an old cotton t-shirt and some needles.

Tuesday 21st May 2 – 3 pm 
What’s in a Fairy Tale?

Dr Stephen Benson
UEA Conversations series
Fairy tales are everywhere: in books, in films, on television and in comics. Our desire for the stories shows no sign of waning, so what is it about the fairy tale that we find so fascinating? To answer this question we’ll need to find out a little about where fairy tales come from, and about what exactly they are. And we’ll need also to consider whether or not fairy tales really are any good for us. Shouldn’t we all grow up?

Thursday 23rd May 2 – 3 pm
Meet the Pastons: An Introduction to Norwich’s Best Known Medieval Family

Elizabeth McDonald
UEA Conversations series
Norwich’s medieval past can simultaneously seem a palpable and enigmatic part of our city’s history: we are surrounded by stunning examples of medieval architecture but imagining or understanding who used these buildings can be challenging. Thankfully the Paston family left us numerous letters, written between 1425-1495, in which we get a vibrant glimpse of what life in Norwich was like for a wealthy (but socially insecure) family. These letters provide a rich tapestry of personalities: surprisingly strong, willful, female characters; respectable men of the Law; feckless sons and problematic daughters.  We find the family concerned with castle defenses, “keeping up with the joneses,” life at court, and poorly made love matches. We will look at some of these letters and come face-to-face with life in Medieval Norwich.

Friday May 24th Time: 1-3pm, 4-6pm
Cloud Play, A Social Game by Lara A'Court.

Take part in an interactive game designed for all to play. Become a silver lining hunter when faced with a black cloud where things are not always what they seem.

Saturday 25th May 12.30 - 1.30pm
Laughter Yoga with Lotte Mikkelsen

They say laughter is the best medicine, and this session invites people to explore and feel the benefits and contagions of laughter by taking part in some alternative yoga exercises under the black clouds.