Kindur: The Adventurous Life of Icelandic Sheep

TPO Company

Wednesday 23 - Saturday 26 May, 12.30pm & 6pm

Kindur uses digital technology to take you on a voyage of discovery around one of the most dramatic settings on earth. In this stunning interactive and intensely visual multi-media performance, Iceland’s fairytale glacial landscape is the spectacular backdrop for the adventures of three sheep as they explore the impossible green of the hills, the crystalline blue of the ice and the ethereal Northern Lights in a geological journey through extreme Atlantic seasons. Along the way, you’ll meet trolls and elves, cross wild moorland, pass over glaciers, peek inside geysers and run inside a blazing volcano.


Suitable for ages 5+

This performance lasts approximately 50 minutes

Crying Out Loud present TPO's kindur
(3.32 min)