[Live] Art Club

Monday 13 – Saturday 18 May
9.30pm – late

‘The Festival club for the adventurous’

1st RULE: You do not talk about [LIVE] ART CLUB
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about [LIVE] ART CLUB
3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out, the [LIVE] ART is over
4th RULE: No shirts, no shoes at [LIVE] ART CLUB
5th RULE: [LIVE] ART will go on as long as it has to go on
6th RULE: You HAVE to watch some [LIVE] ART

Banish all intervals, [LIVE] ART CLUB is a place for cutting edge, cross-genre performance art and music in unconventional spaces around Norwich Arts Centre. For one week, Norwich Arts Centre is THE late night venue for the Norfolk & Norwich Festival.

Artists include Kayla StClaire, John Boursnell, Sam Riviere& Jim Dunn, Kevin Pearce, Dan Tombs, Hoofus, Odd Comic, MaxieGedge, Elena Italia, Holly Bodmer, Michael Ridge, Sukoshi, BK & Dad, Mandy Roberts, Dot Howard, Tim Clare, Wooden Arms, Transept, Rapid Gambit, and Holly Rumble.

After midnight, there will be themed DJs in the café bar. The [LIVE] ART CLUB will conclude with a performance by internationally-renowned artist, Franko B, on Saturday 18 May, details of which can be found here.


Monday 13 May
Find Me Plant Me Bury Me – Kayla St Claire
10pm A Young Person's Guide to MusiqueConcrète – John Boursnell
11.15pm Plaza – Sam Riviere& Jim Dunn
11.45pm Matthew Hopkins and the Wormhole – Kevin Pearce 
Midnight DJs

Tuesday 14 May
 Installation – Dan Tombs 
10pm Reveries in a Dumb Stun – Hoofus
10.30pm Would Be Nice Though… – Odd Comic (Holly Bodmer and Dot Howard)  
11pm Noise Experiments with Guitars – MaxieGedge
11.45pm This Bag – Elena Italia
Midnight DJs

Wednesday 15 May
 BLOW – Holly Bodmer
11pm Bow/Rub/Pluck – Michael Ridge
11.15pm Sukoshi’s Distorted horror vacui– Sukoshi (Mark Jennings)
11.40pm Borth – BK & Dad
Midnight Wrap-ping (III) – Mandy Roberts
12.15am  DJs

Thursday 16 May
 How to Avoid Making an Entrance of Yourself – Dot Howard
10.45pm Pub Stuntman –Tim Clare
11.45pm Wooden Arms – Wooden Arms
Midnight DJs

Friday 17 May
 Shirk Ethic – Transept
10.30pm Golden Shower Martial Arts Academy – Rapid Gambit (Tom Butterworth & Tom Francis)
10.30pm Would Be Nice Though… – Odd Comic (Holly Bodmer and Dot Howard)
11pm Passing Pluto – Holly Rumble
Midnight DJs


Kayla St Claire
Find Me Plant Me Bury Me

Duration: 30 mins
Monday 13 May, 10pm, auditorium
Limited capacity of 20, first come first served
What does it mean to connect with the soil? Follow one women's journey as she explores, loss, ritual, and gardening and looks at what it means to dig deep. What stories will emerge and will you choose to plant or bury them?

John Boursnell
A Young Person's Guide to MusiqueConcrète

Duration :15 minutes, 4 repeated performances
Monday 13 May, 10-11pm, dressing room
Limited capacity of three, SIGN UP FROM 9.30PM ON THE NIGHT
A tabletop performance for an audience of three.A collection of unusual and quiet sounds are conjured from objects and speakers in this new work by John Boursnell, through a series of small actions and gestures.A playful web of sounds emerges, as well as a story about early musiqueconcrète, featuring Frenchmen in bow ties, arguments with Germans, and possibly, The Beatles.

John Boursnell is a live artist working with small sounds, objects and text. He has performed at SPILL Festival Ipswich and the South London Gallery and is a member of Norwich based live art collective other/other/other.

John Boursnell will also be playing a selection of musiqueconcrète records in the café from 12pm-1am.

Jim Dunn & Sam Riviere

Duration : 30 minutes
Monday 13 May, 11.15pm, auditorium
Provisionally titled 'Plaza', Sam Riviere and Jim Dunn are working on a three part piece exploring architectural space. The piece will combine text, music and image.

Kevin Pearce
Matthew Hopkins and the Wormhole

Duration :15-20 minutes
Monday 13 May, 11.45pm, café
This new musical works is a dark and haunting collection of songs which evoke the flat, grey skied landscapes of pastoral Essex villages like Mistley and Manningtree, which are home to Pearce and historically, Matthew Hopkins, the legendary Witchfinder General.
A journey through a wormhole to a parallel dimension!

Dan Tombs
Duration: continuous
Tuesday 14 May, 10am-1pm, throughout the building
A live generative audio/visual feedback system taking input from the environment of the venue and presenting it on small screens and speakers distributed across the building.
The system will be driven by a Raspberry Pi computer running Pure Data.

Reveries in a Dumb Stun

Duration: 20 mins
Tuesday 14 May, 10pm, auditorium
Hoofus performs and records electronic improvisations from the undergrowth of rural Norfolk, using fuzzy analogue aesthetics and FM synthesized unease to create visceral ritual rhythms smeared with restless feral yearning and the distant hum of moss covered machinery.

Odd Comic (Holly Bodmer and Dot Howard)
‘Would Be Nice Though...’

Duration: 1hr
Tuesday 14 and Friday 17 May, 10.30pm, office
Limited capacity of 10, SIGN UP FROM 9.30PM ON THE NIGHT
“Dear Holly Bodmer,We are in the process of cutting up to 34 jobs in Editorial. There are no vacancies for anything I’m afraid.Best wishes, Keith.”
'Would Be Nice Though...' is an awkward job interview in a real working office. Bizarre and cringe-worthy antics reflect a horrendous desire to be ‘swallowed up’ and an over-imaginative, reckless fear of rejection.
“Intriguing, intelligent and frequently laugh-out-loud funny.”
****The Independent
Left me challenging my ever-expanding assumptions of what is possible in live performance.”
“Would Be Nice Though is a masterclass in how to do immersive theatre.”
****Edinburgh Spotlight

Noise Experiments with Guitars

Duration: 30 mins
Tuesday 14 May, 11pm, auditorium
Work exploring the body, the destructive nature of noise, and gender.

Elena Italia
This Bag

Duration :10 minutes
Tuesday 14 May, 11.45pm café
This Bag is a reworking of an improvised piece performed during an artist retreat in Ipswich two years ago. Using as a starting point a hand bag reminiscent of another handbag, the piece unfolds metaphorically in brief symbolic compositions, creating a broken narrative of memories and evocative imagery.

Holly Bodmer

Duration: 15 mins (6 repeated performances)
Wednesday 15 May, 10-12pm, darkroom
Limited capacity one-to-one performance, SIGN UP FROM 9.30PM ON THE NIGHT
BLOW A kick in the teeth, a massive outward release of air and a music exam.An eccentrically discordant and un-harmonious performance exploring unhappy relationships between music teachers and pupils; the pressure of music examinations and the unsightly spit that falls out of blown instruments.  ‘Blow’ tackles the anti-noise idea of people being ‘seen and not heard’ by taking place in a dark room and deliberately blowing bad sounds.

Michael Ridge

Duration: 12 - 15 minutes
Wednesday 15 May, 11pm, foyer
Bow/Rub/Pluck is a sound based performance using the Springboard: an experimental electroacoustic percussion instrument built from a metal cooling rack, coil springs/hooks from a desktop lamp and scrap wood. A single piezo disk contact microphone is attached underneath the instrument. As the title suggests the springs will be plucked, bowed and rubbed creating a fantastic and rich range of eerie inharmonic tones that will be manipulated live via circuit bent/handmade sound processing units.

Sukoshi (Mark Jennings)
Sukoshi’s Distorted horror vacui

Duration: 15 mins
Wednesday 15 May, 11.15pm, café
“Whole sheets are filled with scribbles to the very edge as if horror vacui gave the drawer no rest until every empty place was covered”. Inspired by Prinzhorn’s  observation about mental health patients art and the work of the Gugging Artists from Vienna, I have been performing in a painted cube tent which over many gigs in venues and clubs over the last few years has slowly been destroyed and repainted over and over again. All the while playing manic experimental electronic music at people.This performance will be a loud, distorted, chaotic attempt to fill every space in the room, visually and sonically.

BK & Dad

Duration: 15 mins
Wednesday 16 May, 11.40pm auditorium
About a place

Mandy Roberts
Wrap-ping (III)

Duration : 15 minutes
Wednesday 15 May, Midnight, auditorium
Wrap-ping is a response to conflict in the Middle East. It portrays a metaphoric journey of a nation from conflict and oppression to liberation. It is a trance-like performance that covers everyday objects (furniture) with polythene and then binds these with coloured tape.

Dot Howard
How to Avoid Making an Entrance of Yourself

Duration: 30 - 45 mins
Thursday 16 May 10pm,,café
"Tonight Matthew I am... making an entrance and heading straight for the exit"
How to Avoid Making an Entrance of Yourself re-uses props and re-stages moments from past performances to examine the artist's persistent condition of 'Performance Anxiety'. Remarkable entrances, several attempts at anonymity and re-enactments of disastrous on-stage experiences reveal the self-doubt and questioning that underlies every attempt to JUST MAKE GOOD ART.

"Modest, compelling and considered, this was a refreshingly honest piece" Total Theatre, 2012 (SPILL National Platform)

Tim Clare
Pub Stuntman

Duration: 60 mins
Thursday 16 May, 10.45pm auditorium
Award-winning poet Tim Clare is back with a bawdy grab-bag of poems and songs about showing off, growing up and breaking down. Expect raps about small furry pets, frenetic riffs on boozing, and occasional moments of unexpected sweetness.

Wooden Arms
Wooden Arms

Duration:15 minutes
Thursday 16 May, 11.45pm, café
Wooden Arms are a Norwich-based modern quartet, featuring: Violin (Jess Diggins), Cello (FynnTitford-Mock), Piano (Alex Carson), Guitar (Lydia Walker) and 4 part vocal harmonies. Wooden Arms are a subtle blend between classical instrumentation and composition with modern melodies and production. Currently working on their debut self-titled EP with Wild Beasts, and iLiKETRAiNS engineer and producer David Pyewhich will be released in early April 2013 on independent record label Bare Feet Records.

Shirk Ethic

Duration: 15 mins
Friday 18 May, 10pm, café
A performance of mediated open-circuit feedback loops.

Rapid Gambit (Tom Butterworth & Tom Francis)
Golden Shower Martial Arts Academy

Duration : 15-20mins
Friday 17 May, 10.30pm, café
Have you ever pondered the enigmatic mysteries of the combat arts? Interested in seeing just how far the human body can be pushed when trained to a transcendental level of excellence and discipline? Well look no further! Watch two superlative (Triple Dragon Level Certified) masters demonstrate their skill, technique and shameless dignity. WARNING: These arts are dangerously daft and not to be taken seriously.

Holly Rumble
Passing Pluto

Duration:10-15 minutes
Friday 17 May, 11pm, linear performance moving from café into foyer
Whales often communicate at a frequency too low for humans to hear, and their calls can travel vast distances through the oceans. A recording of whalesong is included on The Golden Record, currently hurtling through space on the Voyager 2 spacecraft. This performance lecture explores these startling distances, and attempts to visualize the enormous soundwaves of whalesong.
Holly Rumble is a Norwich-based artist working with live art and sound, and is the co-founder of live art collective other/other/other. She has recently performed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and ANTI Contemporary Art Festival (Finland), and at TPAM Yokohama (Japan) in February.