[Live] Art Club

Monday 19 May 10pm - Late

Holly Bodmer

Holly Bodmer

 ‘Blow’ is a performance inspired by a found recording of a music exam. Inviting an audience to listen and to blow, it ploughs through a process of perseverance and questions how to cope with the unsoundly. Accompanied by an assortment of brass and woodwind instruments and an orchestra who have only just formed ‘Blow’ relives musical failures and other setbacks through a series of bad ‘blows’. For anyone who has ever picked up an instrument and put it down again or for anyone who is afraid of ‘blowing it’.

Holly Bodmer creates observational performance that is usually triggered by a joke or a word like ‘blow’ which has multiple meanings. Like all jokes and words with multiple meanings, her performances explore hilarity and sadness.


Popop makes electronic music
here is a picture of his arm
at the end of which are his fingers
he pushes buttons with those fingers
those buttons, in turn, make noise
lofi noise
from machines he built himself.

Bill Vine

ATV01 is a work created using modified black and white televisions repurposed to function as musical instruments: an interactive sound art installation, which asks audience members to engage with the TVs and explore their behaviour, so that each individual instrument comes to function both as part of a larger, combined instrument, and also as part of a TV Orchestra.

John Boursnell
Artist, Writer and Thinker in Residence

Live artist and writer John Boursnell will be in residence throughout to document, review and subvert the programme
through the creation of new texts, posters and online scribbling, alongside his usual tape players and small tabletop objects.

This event is part of [Live] Art Club

After the success of last year’s [Live] Art Club, this year we’ve decided not to pull any punches – we’ll be open til late throughout the Festival. Unexpected, unplanned and often uncontrollable moments of wild artistic abandon will be taking place – here is a taste of some of the headline acts; each night will feature artists from across our fantastic region and a wonderful selection of East by South East Showcase Artists presented by The Basement, Brighton.

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