[Live] Art Club - Deborah Pearson

The Wonder Striker (A work in progress sharing)

Tuesday 12 & Thursday 14 May

TITLE SEQUENCE: Loud upbeat music and credits in Hungarian. A once famous football star flickers across celluloid, a speedy ghost in black and white. An announcer anxiously sputters the fate of the game while the angry crowd shout "Go For It!" over and over. They burn placards, flags and photographs. A 1950s Hollywood-style comedy you've probably never seen and a 1950s revolution you've probably never heard of. Deborah Pearson translates both, as best as she possibly can.

Deborah Pearson has won awards as a writer, performer and producer. Her most recent piece, The Future Show, toured throughout Europe, the UK and North America. The Wonder Striker was developed with support from the National Theatre Studio.


The Business Card Project
Dyad Creative

All evening

The Business Card Project is a playful way for Dyad Creative to get to know their audience and build a dialogue. In this durational project Dyad Creative interact with the audience of this Norwich Arts Centre event. Handing out business cards with a date/time/place, the duo invites participants to find a personalised message on their website.

Monologues of Motherhood
A work in progress by Kayla St Claire.


Monologues of Motherhood reveals an honest account of what it’s like to be a new mother, inhabiting a world in which moods change as often as nappies.
May contain traces of nuts, nudity, fruit and veg!

Good Grief
by Su Squire


“Grief does not change you…It reveals you.”
A work-in-progress on the theme of death and grief, weaving together elements of monologue, storytelling, visual elements and music, exploring what it is to be mortal, to love and to lose. Could it be that woven among our tales of loss are threads of grace? Does death in fact hold a glorious secret about life?


Performance runs c. 40 mins (no interval) 

“"A testament to Pearson's astonishing skill as a writer." (Five Stars)” Andrew Haydon on The Future Show for What's on Stage

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