Friday 18 - Tuesday 22 May, 3pm & 6pm

World première

Boukje Schweigman concept and director
Theun Mosk lighting and stage design

Step through Mirror into an enchanted world – a world that plays with our perceptions. Time slows; up and down disappear. How strange can reality be? And how real is reflected reality?

Drawing on Boukje Schweigman’s genius for movement, design, light, sound and the manipulation of space, Mirror works with the universal language of the body, spatial awareness and sensorial experience to create a fascinating space in which you can let your gaze roam free and let curiosity be your guide. It is an exclusive, intimate show for just 30 people: prompt booking is essential.

Schweigman& is a Dutch theatre company led by artistic director Boukje Schweigman. In her performances, Schweigman works with the physicality and presence of both the performer and the audience. Movement, design, light, sound, and the manipulation of space, all add to the experience.

Co-produced by Norfolk & Norwich Festival and Theaterfestival Boulevard.