[LIVE] Art Club - Rosie Arnold presents The Misuse of Space

Rosie Arnold presents THE MISUSE OF SPACE featuring Prince Rama (electronic exerimental good time vibes) + Dyad Collective (Live Art) + Lom (Experimental Music) + Marcia X (Spoken Word) + Hope Brooks (Duration Illustration Installation) + Jay Barsby (Installation/Sculpture) + Nathan Hanz Clarke (Video Art)

Saturday 28 May

Artists of varying disciplines produce durational performances installations exploring the architecture of Norwich Arts Centre and the juxtaposition of space/activity. Artists will be performing in unusual spaces, some in the most intimate of environments. You are invited to come and experience an immersive live art experience culminating in a gig by the Brooklyn based Prince Rama in the main space.

Upon entering every visitor will receive an itinerary that lists where and when they should be at any given time for selected performances. Performances installations will be scattered across the building.

Norwich Arts Centre’s [Live] Art Club concludes with a night of music and live performances throughout the venue. Curator Rosie Arnold presents a line up including Brooklyn based, ‘now age’, psych-dance duo Prince Rama with their new album Xtreme Now - the first real foray by any musician to create a new ‘extreme sports genre’.

Prince Rama

Prince Rama A pummeling, voluntary thrust into the heart of darkness at the speed of light; a face-first bungee jump off the mortal coil into the gaping canyon of forever; a fistful of snow hurled at death’s grin from high on a ski-lift doomed to eternally climb the summitless mountain...

Xtreme Now was written while the Larson sisters were living on a black metal utopian commune on an island off the coast of Estonia during the summer of 2012. There, Taraka had a near death experience inside an ancient Viking ruin which sparked a recurring sense of time-schizophrenia. She experienced a joint-existence in both the medieval ages and the year 2067.

“In the year 2067, I witnessed an aesthetic landscape where art museums are sponsored by energy drink beverages and beauty is determined by speed. I saw a vision of ancient tapestries stretched across half-pipes and people base-jumping off planes with the Mona Lisa smiling up from their parachutes. I saw art merge with extreme sports to form a new aesthetic language of ‘Speed Art’”.

Working with acclaimed dance producer Alex Epton of XXXChange (Gang Gang Dance, Björk, Spank Rock, Panda Bear, The Kills), the new songs take on a more powerful, confident, fierce, infectious and accessible dance-club feeling than any other Prince Rama record.  



Visit Prince Rama's website here

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