Spira mirabilis

Wednesday 23 May, 7.30pm

Beethoven Symphony No 6, ‘Pastoral’

Spira mirabilis continues its acclaimed exploration of Beethoven’s symphonies with a performance of the lyrical Sixth Symphony that promises to spike the sublime score with the ensemble’s unique blend of vivacity and virtuosity.

Spira mirabilis embodies the vitality, intensity and excitement of great classical music. Performing without a conductor, the group brings a new edge of spontaneity and immediacy to the large-scale orchestral repertoire.

The concert will be introduced from the stage; afterwards, the group will gather with the audience to answer questions about their unique style of music-making.

This concert is presented with the support of the Culture programme of the European Union

“I have seen the future of orchestral music. And boy, is it good… Hearing them play Beethoven was like seeing an image through a telescope come magically into focus” The Guardian

1 - Spira Mirabilis Schubert Sinfonia n. 3 D200
(4.72 min)

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