Susan & Darren

Quarantine and Company Fierce

Sunday 13 - Wednesday 16 May, 8pm

Susan & Darren is an ‘event with dancing’ created with and performed by Darren Pritchard and his mum, Susan. Susan is 55 and Darren is 30. Darren lives at home with Susan in the house he grew up in. Darren is a dancer and Susan is his cleaner. She also cleans professionally.

This dark, joyous and intimate show invites audiences into Susan and Darren’s world as they prepare for one of their infamous parties, visited along the way by friends and neighbours who pop in via video interviews.

Susan & Darren is a new and exciting kind of performance – one in which real life doesn’t stop when the show starts. So come and join the party. And bring your mum!

Darren Pritchard will lead a dance workshop before each performance which will alter the course of that night’s show. All ages and levels of dance experience are welcome. Free to ticket-holders, but booking is essential.

“Intimate, life-affirming, utterly magical and unmissable” Irish Times

Susan & Darren Preview 2010 | Kilkenny Arts Festival
(1.72 min)