The Voice Project

Singing the City - From Dawn to Dusk

Saturday 12 May, performances at Sunrise (5.11am), 2pm & 10pm

World première/Norfolk & Norwich Festival commission

Jeremy Avis, Jonathan Baker, Helen Chadwick
& Orlando Gough composers
Andrew McDonnell & George Szirtes libretto (commisioned by Writers’ Centre Norwich)
Askew & Avis
The Voice Project Choir and Human Music
Sian Croose

A musical mystery tour wending its way through Norwich’s medieval heritage. A celebration of history, architecture, music and community. A pilgrimage of performance lasting a whole day, starting at sunrise with a chorus of welcome to the morning in the Cathedral cloisters and culminating in the nave as night falls.

Devised by Sian Croose and Jonathan Baker, this year’s Voice Project performances animate Norwich’s medieval squares and streets, crypts and alleys, dark corners and cloisters, courtyards and rooftops with tales of past and present and thrilling new music. A mixture of the ethereal, the spiritual and the unexpected, this is a genuinely unmissable event.