Tipping Point

Kathy Hinde

Exhibition: Friday 9 - Sunday 18 May, 12pm - 6pm
Performances: Saturday 10 & Sunday 18 May, 2pm

World Premiere

An audio-visual installation exploring water

Kathy Hinde's music merges machinery and natural stimuli to create stunning sound and visual aesthetics. Her music and visual art grows from a partnership between nature and technology. Hinde's new sonic video-installation, Tipping Point, explores our relationship to water and the effect climate change is having on the water cycle.

Tipping Point explores the sonic complexities and possibilities of combining water with glass vessels and the resulting frequencies and feedback tones that are created through different water levels. The work will form both a sound sculpture and the basis of a live performance. 

Kathy Hinde lives and works in Bristol. As well as sculptural installations and site specific works she has created video and sound for theatre and live art performances. Her approach combines different art forms and she regularly makes artworks that rely on input from the audience. Hinde has shown work across Europe, Scandinavia, China, Pakistan, USA, Colombia and Brazil and presented at TedX and TEDGlobal.

Post-performance talk on Saturday 10 and Sunday 18 May

FREE (Exhibition and Performances)

A Cryptic commission for Sonica, Tipping Point is a collaboration with John Rowden at the Scientific Glass Workshop in the Department of Physics at the University of Bristol with software designed by Matthew Olden. 

TEDxAldeburgh - Kathy Hinde - Piano Migrations
(16.90 min)

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