Quarantine - Summer image, a beach, a brick wall sits in the centre of the image, with a black wheelie bin in front of it, attached to the bin is a bunch of multicoloured balloons

Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring.

Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 May

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John Agard wears a floppy velvet hat, and looks out through a life buoy surrounded by tropical plants

Roll Over Atlantic

Monday 15 May

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Three sets of graphic eyes stare out of the image

The Story Machine

Wednesday 17 & Thursday 18 May

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Camilla Beeput wearing two red rose in her hair and a red dress.

Stormy: The Life of Lena Horne

Wednesday 17 May

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Two masked characters hold hands as they perform outside.

We meet in paradise

Wednesday 17 & Thursday 18 May

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A dog looks out from the front of a derelict storefront whilst a blurry man walks past the camera

No Dogs, No Indians

Wednesday 24 May

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Picture of a customised double decker bus in front of a theatre.

Rear View

Thursday 25 - Sunday 28 May

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Frankie Vah

Frankie Vah

Friday 26 & Saturday 27 May

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A young girl with the silouette of a wolf's face on profile facing left against a dark background of a forest.

Wolf’s Child 2017

Tue 11 July, 7.30pm (Preview)
Wed 12 - Sun 30 July (except Mondays), 7.30pm