About Arts Award

Arts Award's set of unique qualifications supports children and young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. Arts Award has five levels, four of which (Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold) are nationally regulated qualifications. Discover is an introductory award.

Arts Award gives the opportunity to anyone aged under 25 years old to set their own personal artform challenges and to connect with the wider arts world through the artform of their choice from fashion to film making and pottery to poetry.

Children and young people not only gain artform knowledge and understanding but also develop leadership, creativity and communication skills enabling them to progress into further education and employment.

Arts Award's flexible framework can be easily adapted for Arts Award delivery in schools, colleges, theatres, galleries, museums libraries, arts centres, heritage organisations, youth clubs or community groups.

What are the benefits for children and young people?

  • Develops creativity, leadership and communication skills

  • Champions personalised learning which recognises individual creative development

  • Provides a flexible framework, enabling students to develop knowledge and understanding of their chosen artforms

  • Builds transferable skills for higher-level study and employment (Gold Arts Award carries UCAS points)

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Arts Award Brochure: