Theun Mosk and Boukje Schweigman

Dutch artists Theun Mosk and Boukje Schweigman will be working with Robert Wilson to create Walking.  Theun and Boukje recently presented the world premiere of Mirror at the 2012 Norfolk & Norwich Festival.

Theun Mosk

Theun Mosk graduated at the Theatreschool in Amsterdam (technical theatre arts), followed an academic year at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (stage design) and attended workshops of Robert Wilson at the Watermill Center in New York. In 2007, he received the Charlotte Köhler Prize (incentive prize for young talent) and in the same year he was one of the selected designers for the Prague Quadrenial. At this moment he is one of the leading light- and stage designers in The Netherlands. In the past few years, he worked with Paul Koek, Robert Wilson, Boukje Schweigman,Jetse Batelaan, Lotte van den Berg, Marcus Azzini, Piet Paris and many others.

Boukje Schweigman

Schweigman& theatre company is led by Boukje Schweigman. Her starting point is always the physicality and presence of both the performer and the audience. Movement, design, light, sound and manipulation of the space all add to the experience. Schweigman never uses text, instead choosing to work with the universal languages of the body, the image and spatial and sensory experiences. This makes her work very suitable for performance abroad, and it has already travelled to Egypt, Belarus, Lebanon, Iran, Jordan, Bolivia and China. Schweigman’s multiple-award-winning work has been very well received by press and audiences alike. It has variously been described as authentic, poetic and intimate.